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Default Re: Steelers make pitch for Roethlisberger as MVP

Someone (Ron Jaworski maybe?) said on Mike & Mike this morning that Ben is having an MVP-type season. I literally said out loud, to myself, in the car "Yes!" as if to say "Finally, someone says it!" There is no doubt that this team would not be much of anywhere if it weren't for Ben's performance so far this season. Whether it ends up being his best statistically or not, this is by far his best season in terms of his impact on games and in carrying his team. There is no real evidence to support that Manning or Luck have had greater value than Ben this season. It's all in the juicy storylines - think about it: when did they talk about Ben Roethlisberger (by far) the most? During the whole scandal/suspension. They eat that shit up. Great QB play by the same guy? Meh.
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