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Default Re: playoff field set?

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
Indy's not a lock. They've got two games with Houston and frankly, they will be outclassed both times. They're also at NE next week. I don't see them winning any of those three. which puts them at six losses. One more outside of those and they're at a tenuous 9-7. SD or Cincy could match that.

In the NFC. I'm not ready to put Seattle in, either, until they win a road game outside of Carolina. Look for Tampa to make a run, maybe Detroit. Vikings had a nice rebound win yesterday, too.

Anything can happen. The Bears were a lock at 7-3 last year and then lost Cutler and Forte. The Giants were dead at 7-7 and won it all.

An injury to any of the starting QBs and a season is quickly sunk.
Good call on the injury to Ben.
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