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Default Re: Hines Ward does The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
Daryl is feeding newborns now - don't you love him?
He was very sweet with the baby. I was laughing when he named her Lil Ass Kicker.

They finally showed Penny. I was expecting it at some point during the season, but wow!

Hershel's blond haired, blue eyed daughter's name is Beth. I couldn't think of it before when you mentioned her, Killer.

Rick is going off the deep end, and yes, psycho Rick is cool!

I think the nerd guy at Woodbury is experimenting to try and find a cure for Zombie Penny.

Michone is so badass. I love her. She's the only strong woman on the show
Michone said, "I bet you say that about all the girls," when the Governor told her he loved his daughter Penny.

It was really touching when Daryl left a flower on Carol's grave. I still don't think she's dead, though.

A zombie apparently ate Lori, but things don't jive for me regarding what they did there. According to The Talking Dead, the zombie dragged Lori's body around the corner and devoured her. Why did the zombie drag her around the corner? Usually the zombies just pounce on their prey wherever they lay. Also, Rick picked up the bullet that Carl allegedly shot Lori with. If the zombie didn't eat the bullet then it probably didn't eat the bones either. So where were Lori's bones?

Who is calling Rick in the cell block? I thought they had no electricity and cut the generators when the sirens went off. Why is the phone working? I guess there are some landline phones that work without electricity or it may be an internal call within the prison or something.

This season is so good. I love this freaking show!
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