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Default Re: Big Bens Injury

Originally Posted by ChristianKustomz View Post
Does anyone else find is unusual Ben got a "mysterious" shoulder injury that even on video looked soft?

I say coincidental to assure his time with his wife and new kid. Very convenient especially while walking away with not even a glare of discomfort on his face of pain. Even the announcer talked about how painful a shoulder separation is and Ben never showed any pain...very suspicious to me. What do you all think? Baby born and then all of a sudden Big Ben is back to normal or do you think it's a way to syke out Baltimore and screw with their head into approaching the game with cockiness and unprepared or do you think he is actually injured? I still personally think its a franchise scheme.
That's a ridiculous assumption in my opinion. Ben doesn't need to fake an injury to be at the birth of his son. He has already stated he will be at his son's birth, so he didn't need to fake an injury.

You stated he never showed any pain. Ben is a warrior. He plays even when he has a broken nose!
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