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Default Re: Who has the feeling that we are going to start a special run?

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
This has TRAP GAME written all over it. Every time we get this confident we choke and gag... and occasionally lose to a team that has no business beating us.

That team that wins the SB is the team that gets hot late. We don't want to be peaking the next few weeks...but at the same time we need to win the games we should win.

I just knew this game would end up something like this... we can only hope that our season isn't over with a serious Ben injury. With out him we are done.

Tomlin has done this every time we play a bad team.. he plays down to their level. I always thought it was because Arians was out thinking him self... maybe the real issue is Tomlin is out thinking him self? Two weeks in a row ...2 ridiculously stupid play calls: Fake FG that would have tied the game...late... and NOW going for it on 4th and and a yard at mid field against a really bad team in a tie game...

sure neither bone head move cost us a win... why on earth would you risk losing field position in a 10-10 game - in the 2nd half? against a team that can't sustain long drives? Why wouldn't you make the chiefs drive the field ? We get stuffed of course... then we lucked out when they couldn't turn that bond head mistake into points. Tomlin is lucky...that's all I can say.
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