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Default Re: Big Bens Injury

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
"Pain" is a poor indicator. How many of you have ever had a good dislocation, or a joint popped, or whatever. A lot of times it hurts like hell when it first happens, then you hold it still and find a position where it agrees not to go wild on you if you just mind your business and leave it be. What else would he take to the hospital? An ambulance for a strained shoulder? Not like he was nursing a gunshot wound here.
To quote someone else:
Why would you let your $17 million QB go to the hospital in his pregnant wife's car... on a rainy night???

Wouldn't you take him in a company car or ambulance or something??? Again, this is THE franchise here (not some back-up TE). So much so, that I'm surprised Tomlin didn't drive BB himself.
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