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Default Re: Big Bens Injury

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
That's pretty far out there, man. We could also ban him from having a house with a 2nd floor, so he won't fall down the stairs trying to a snack in the dark of night, ban him from eating shellfish in case of any digestive issues, maybe not allow him to cross streets without a crossing guard present. We're deep in tin foil hat land here.
Actually, a lot of the contracts have that kind of language in them. Terrell Suggs had to lie about where he got hurt, for fear of losing a LOT of money.

That aside, in the past, when I have heard about players leaving games, the team doctors usually take the player to the hospital.

And, Yes, I admit: I have my tinfoil hat on... and, your point about that is...??? Oh... wait... I get it. Damn. I've tangented again, haven't i???
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