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Default Re: Yellow Empty Seats

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
The empty seats have little to do with the weather. They have more to do with the ticket prices and who is buying tickets more nowadays. This obviously doesn't go for all fans at the game, but every year more and more are well to do folks, business owners who take clients to games...the wine and cheese crowd. Those are the folks who, in inclement weather, go and watch the game from the inside.

I'm one of those that would love to go to all the home games, and stay the whole time to cheer my team on...but blue collar folks, less and less, have hundreds of dollars to drop on a game. Back when tickets were realistically priced and the economy wasn't f-ed, all the die hards could afford to show up every week.
You are right on the money, SC Mom. Back when I lived in the Burgh, I only went to a handful of games at 3 Rivers. Since I moved away, every time I visit, I get 4 tickets to the game. Not many of my friends can afford to spend the money to do that for their family. Be it only once a year.

Times have changed. The film you see from back in the 70's is a completely different demographic. Today, I would say that 50% are fair weather wine & cheese fans... so it's natural they won't show/stay in weather like last night.

BTW, I would rather sit in 20F weather for 3 hours than 50F rain and wind. When you are wet, the cold feels so much worse.
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