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Default Re: Yellow Empty Seats

and honestly, part of the problem is - there is still a demographic that really truly can't afford the tickets (even the nosebleeds) and are still charging it to their credit cards - hence, demand is always there. people I know for a fact, are spending half to most of a really small paycheck on tickets, bills/utilities be damned. It is a spend now generation from my view.

The last few times I went to Heinz, there are a TON, a TON of people standing inside when its cold without any kind of precipitation - it doesn't mean there are empty seats in terms of people not showing up - but the crowd IMO has gotten a little "wussified"

I am one of the fans that will get there early enough, tailgate, check out some of the food vendors and the memorabilia before I sit down - because no matter who they are facing - I'm glued to the game once it starts. A ton of season ticket holders (and to generalize - are spoiled ROTTEN in a lot of cases) get up what seems every 15 to 20 minutes - it amazes me how often some people get up CONSTANTLY - it is maddening really. You know, it is their right to do it however they want, and for the love of god - have some stadium food and beer (it is a football game afterall) - but the average Heinz field visitor is not filled with absolute die hards that care for the game, and everything else is second. It is about 50/50 - and that is from watching games in about every section imaginable. Just my two cents. I get a little annoyed by it at times, but then I do see the 1 guy trying to make his 3 kids happy with blankets and hot dogs galore - and it is cool to see that (and pretty hard to manage - hence families getting up a lot)

Ah well - playoff time at Heinz is another beast altogether though!
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