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Default Re: We will beat the Ravens onSNF

Originally Posted by jtbsteeler View Post
We will win. Book it and stamp my name on it. With or without Ben. The rest of the team will step up... With the remaining schedule, the #2 seed is there for the taking.

Get that negative BS out of here. I'm never frightened of the Ratbirds. Their fanbase is the one with the fear and inferiority complex. They pray for injuries and the easiest road to a division title. Regardless. We have them so brain F#$ked and beat down that its all about "shutting up the Steelers fans".
You are living in a world that is almost 2 years old. I can't speak for every Ravens fan, and we definitely appreciate the rivalry with your boys in pittsburgh, but we don't have any fear, and we definitely do not pray for injuries.

I was extremely disappointed but not really surprised when I saw Ben go out with an injury, and I won't be surprised if he ends up playing. He always seems to go down the week before the Ravens and 'miraculously' ends up playing anyway. He reminds me of a WWF wrestler on the ropes who powers through injury and adversity to best his rival--very dramatic, but ultimately an act.

I want the Ravens to beat your Steelers at their best, and the game is going to be a lot less exciting now, I hope. Now if it is even close I will take the 'W' but without any satisfaction.

Good luck.
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