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Default Batch over Leftwich

He seems like a nice enough dude, but let's face it: Lefty looked clueless out there last night. The look on his face was not that of a confident field general. You could time his throwing motion with a sun dial.

Charlie Batch is not an excellent option either, given his age, but he has managed the game admirably when he has been asked to start here. His 5-2 record is a testament to that. No, he will not be half as effective as BB, but I strongly endorse him to start over Leftwich. Remember 2010, we almost pulled one out against the Rats with him at the helm.

Now, given the somewhat encouraging news that just came out about Ben's injury, let's hope this point becomes moot by Sunday and the big fella will be able to gut it out. You know that if he physically can play with any level of effectiveness he will in a game like this.
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