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Default Re: We will beat the Ravens onSNF

I appreciate the bravado, but without Ben our chances of winning this game drop to somewhere between 20-40%, tops. It's not just the Steelers - it's a fact of life in the NFL that if you lose your QB you are in deep trouble. Look at the Bears last year when Cutler went down. The injury news on Ben seems to be okay, but right now the only focus is this week's game, for which he is defintely in doubt. We could squeak one out without him, MAYBE, but the problem is this: if we're down 6 points and starting a drive to try to win the game from our own 20, it will be very difficult for either Batch or Lefty to make the necessary throws to cover 80 yards in a short amount of time.

One word, Steeler Nation: PRAY.
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