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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
i believe the defense is honestly, somewhere in the middle of the pack in the league. They're not the worst, but they sure as hell ain't the far.

That said - the offense was HORRIBLE tonight. I couldn't believe how many 1-yard gain and "no-gain" plays we ran...i started to lose count.
And once again : during the last 5 minutes of the 4th, we play "not to win the game - but to play conservatively" and the result of that is 3 and outs and giving the ball back to the other team for them to tie or win. I don't understand. All the other good teams either seal the deal or try to seal it. We don't. Its mindboggling....and it never changes.
They have gotten a lot better at trying to seal the deal since arrival of Haley. Atleast against the Giants anyways. It did bug the crap out of me the last couple of years always relying on D. But last night it was completely understandable. Lefty needs too much time to throw and has no mobility, a bad combination. The Chiefs couldn't do much all game offensively and they went with the odds. I don't think it was 3 and out,they did get a 3rd down conversion to Sanders unless I am mixing up possesions. Lefty and Batch were great backups 3 or 4 years ago, but last night showed how much we need Ben and how much we need a young back up.
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