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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

I put last night more on our run game than anything. You have to expect a dropoff in passing when Ben goes out, and the backs needed to step up. Instead, Redman coughed it up in our own end, and the D bailed him out in a big way. Then we needed Dwyer to manage a first down to seal the game, and he got wrecked 1 on 1 with 1 yard to go by a cornerback.

Suddenly we had to decide if we trusted our D to hold against a scoring drive, or if we could let our backs pick up 6 inches on 4th. Coach went with our D, with he hasn't had faith in for a LONG time. Everyone claiming Dwyer and Redman should be starters, hope you finally saw that it isn't so. They've stunk up more than half the games this year.

Take away the Redman fumble and the D held to 10 points. Lewis made a couple remarkable jumping defenses. Also notice that since Ike made a pick, he isn't getting beat on by QB's anymore. All this season they new he was a safe bet, so could just lob it up on him and worst case, it goes incomplete. That one INT changed the game, and now they have to actually consider protecting the ball out there.
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