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Default BYRON: Let's Talk Negative Plays by the Numbers I have read all of the football experts on here talk about Byron's long delivery and how it is conducive to turnovers and fumbles. How many fumbles did he have last night in the rain with no reps? How many interceptions? How many sacks? What was that number again? ZERO, ZERO, ZERO.

OK... moving on...

You say that was just one half of football. Well Byron was a starter for several years and his throwing motion and mobility has been the same since college when he was drafted #7 overall. Let's look at his career stats for negative plays. And to make it more applicable, let's compare them to Ben's (No, I'm not saying that Byron's overall play should be compared with Ben's, but let's compare negative plays).

OK... So Byron has fewer Int's, Fumbles for Loss and Sacks than Ben does. Overall, almost 13% of Ben's attempts end up in a negative play and only 9% for Byron. So, instead of everybody parroting the TV analyst about his throwing motion, look instead to the FACTS. Overall, he takes care of the ball much better than Ben does, statistically speaking.

What we will miss is the playmaking ability of Ben, but don't expect Leftwich to go out and lose the game and have a bunch of sack-strips, because the numbers aren't there to back it up. With ball control and Byron getting a full week of reps, I expect us to rise to the occasion and get the job done against the Ratbirds.

Next man up! Whoever wants to jump ship is not on my ship to begin with.
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