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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
For all the guys hating on our D currently, they really are coming together. Yes, there will always be yardage gained against them. What exactly do you expect to happen? It's a teams job to look for and exploit a weakness to try and win.

If the Chiefs fail to run left, should they simply sit down and sob for the next 50 minutes? They go to where it's working. That spot will be different for different opponents. Despite it all, the D held to 10 points. yes, the D has had shit performances before. Yes, it looked like they might pack it in last night...but then they sucked it up and went to work. Come back and hate when we actually lose, though, or at least give up 21+ points.
Don't confuse those of us that believe the #1 ranking is a tad inflated with those that are "hating on our D." I agree that we are looking better, but the true test will be against the QBs that really stand in our way of title #7....not guys like RG3, Vick, Cassel, and Dalton.

Eli isn't Eli from last year, so in my mind that win doesn't tell me a lot. Games against Flacco will. If we make the playoffs, wins against Brady and/or Peyton will.
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