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Default Editorial: Pitt-fall

Tiger Rowan

My friends and family always joke that I can relate anything to the Steelers. If truth be told, they are right… because everything does indeed relate to the Steelers. Well, at least in my mind everything does.

For example, this past weekend, I watched the new James Bond film: “Skyfall”. Maybe it was just me, but I swear that it was a two & a half hour allegory about the 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers. Allow me to explain further, but do not fret: obviously, I will not give away important plot points, nor will I spoil any of the surprises.

We open up with 007 walking down a hallway, shrouded in darkness. A few minutes & few round-house kicks later, our beloved secret agent is deemed unfit for field work (by the pencil-pushing non-agents). One of the bureaucrats actually said something along the lines of, “You are too old, too slow, & done.” Holy guacamole!!!... those are almost the exact words that Warren Sapp used to describe the Steelers at the beginning of this season.

Throughout the next two hours, we see James Bond have moments of pure brilliance: defeating foes, saving the masses, and of course, getting the girl. But then, we also witness moments where his injured shoulders put him in peril; moments where his aching knees fail him; and moments where he flat-out gets the tar knocked out of him.

Essentially, 007 does a good job of proving his nay-sayers correct.

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