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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
Huh? The offense put up SIXTEEN points and you're bitching at the defense? The offense deserves more shit than the defense! Surely. The only reason i'm NOT bitching about it is because Ben went out early in the second half. The DEFENSE took over from that point and put the game away. They made BIG PLAYS when they NEEDED to, and if you can't you see that, there's no point in me even trying to argue.

I made the mistake of believing for a second that this game would be a blowout, overlooking past history: The Steelers, even under Cowher, played down to the level of lesser opponents. This includes the defense. ESPECIALLY the defense. Any given Sunday. You see the worst team in the NFL and the Steelers see a threat in the way of a Super Bowl championship run. The defense flat out won the game last night in relief of Ben Roethlisberger, and they'll probably need to do the same thing next week.

No one is asking you to apologize, but when the DEFENSE makes a game-winning play, credit is due. The offense didn't win the game, the defense DID.
I never said the defense isn't the reason they won the game, they clearly are and they did play great at times in the game, especially after Ben went down. That is my point, it shouldn't take your QB to go down to change the way you play defense and make you more aggressive.

I also am not going to overlook the reason why Timmons was there to make the pick in overtime to seal the game.

It is because of yet another, 4th quarter collapse where Steve Young and the 49'ers, I mean, Matt Cassell and the Chiefs drove down the field to tie the game at the end of regulation.
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