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Default Re: What is the extent of Troy's calf injury?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
the calf is done but the baby goat should be fine.

mike tomlin wont even address it other than listing him as doubtful or out at the beginning of each press conference, and troy defers all questions on his calf to tomlin.

polamalu could very well be this years aaron smith or rod woodson (2 players/leaders kept on the roster for a potential SB run) knowing all along that we had a capable back up in mundy and will allen already on the roster. no sense in IRing troy if theres potential for a recovery.

i think the extent of the injury is known (worst case scenario likely) but it is just being kept under wraps... literally and figuratively.

nothing gained but sheer panic in announcing that it may possibly be season ending.

weve seen that highschool QB tebow complete 10 passes and win a playoff game so we know that miracles do happen and that the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Well put, thanks Tony.
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