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Default "Cursing at the Ref"


I have never ever heard of a player being penalized because he cursed at the ref. I'm assuming that the refs get cursed at every game ... right?

Was this one particular ref PMS'ing yesterday? Did his mommy not hug him enough as a kid? Are you fucking kidding me? 15 yards for cursing at refs?

I have a theory. I believe all the other referees were thoroughly embarassed that this penalty even got called. All of a sudden, they looked like over-sensitive pu$$ies in zebra suits. And the play after this 25 yard penalty was Redman's fumble. It looked as if for a second week in a row, the refs were giving the game to the other team. To make up for this - the Steelers got some good calls in the second half.

Still, it boggles my mind that some oversensitive ref whose "fweelings" were hurt would call this penalty. I would be very surprised if this penalty ever got called again the rest of this year.
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