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Default Re: Batch over Leftwich

Batch gets a lot of love, but frankly I'm not sure why. He had a decent game last year vs. a terrible Rams team.

In 2010, against Tennessee, he was 5-11 for 25 yards. Against Tampa, 12-17 for 186 yards, 2 INT, 2 TD, 1 INT that bounced to the receiver for a TD. Against Baltimore, 12-21 for 141 yards and an INT.

After that, you have to go back to 2007 for his last start, when he was average against Baltimore. He had a couple of really good starts in 2006, but that's a long time ago. He's 38 in less than a month and really has no arm strength. We don't need him throwing up ducks with Ed Reed lurking.

I think a healthy Leftwich with a week to prepare will be fine. He threw a couple of really nice balls to Cotch and Sanders the other night and showed his cannon on the deep overthrow to Wallace. He was ice cold coming into the game but after an 0-3 start, finished 7-11.

I trust Haley to design a game plan to suit his skill set.
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