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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
So did the Giants receivers. And so did the Chiefs receivers. If receivers are afraid to go over the middle, they're not going to be as focused on catching the pass, and they're more likely to drop passes. And they have.
The biggest fear factor turn around game was the jets. After Sanchez got smashed he immediately went from having a decent game to being Mark Sanchez. I think it was Holmes too, that after getting derailed by Mundy, he started dropping balls like Mike Wallace. Clark had a few games this season in which he scared receivers into thinking twice creating dropped balls. It's worth the fifteen yard penalty..... Smash a receiver and ruin his mind state and confidence..... It's almost like having Revis out there after smashes like that, cause they don't produce shit afterwards. Clark is a shutdown safety...... Ha ha ha ha I love it and so don't you all.

I am a bit worried that Clark will get injured real bad though the way he uses his head and neck to tackle. He's been one of my favorite defensive players for a few years now, I think he has a tv career after he retires from the NFL, I just hope he don't have to retire before his production level decreases because of injuries.
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