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Default Re: new rule instituted in NFL???

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
looks like a new "steelers rule" is taking hold.

the league has announced that from now on every incomplete pass thrown by a steelers qb, the opponents will be allowed to pick it up and run it back until the refs decide whether it is a "fumble" or not and if they want to award the opponents 7 points.

seriously, i havent seen this shit with any other team (and i watch all the games aired other than steelers) and yet it has happened twice to the steelers in consecutive weeks.

i understand letting the players play out a play and relying on instant replay to sort out the details, but it has gotten rediculous.

im not a conspiracy theorist, but an incomplete pass is an incomplete pass and should be ruled as such. if the opponents coach disagrees the honus should be on him to throw the challenge flag.

what the hell is going on?
Yeah, and the one we needed against Warner in the Super Bowl didn't go our way. That was way worse than Ben's "fumble" against the Giants.

Thank God they got the second one right that ended the game, and there was even media-controversy over that one.
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