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Default Re: Who's the Star of this Defense Now?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i may give you grief because i kinda strongly disagree in certain areas, but you stand by your convictions and back them up w/ fairly sound reasoning (even if i dont agree).

that is your right, as is mine and doesnt diminish either of our takes on the situation (even if i have gone overboard and said youre full of shit )

in the end we're all on the same side.

damn... who the hell slipped ecstasy in my dinner???
Let me tell you something...

if I had a dime for everyone who told me I was full of shit, I'd be a very rich man!

Way back when we were all living in caves, I'm sure that the guy who stood up one day and said that if we cut down some trees we could make a drier and warmer place to live was initially told that he was full of shit. But after some trees WERE cut down and the new digs really WERE warmer and drier, there may still have been a few guys who insisted on staying in the cave (probably the ancestors of future Ravens fans), but I'd bet that most of them preferred the house.

That's the "downside" of being an opinionated person -- there will always be someone who can't wait to tell us that we're full of shit.

But what fun would it be otherwise?
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