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Default Re: Editorial: Pitt-fall

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
I hope the team, and the defense in particular is taking this matchup without Ben as personal as a lot of Steeler Nation is. No one is giving us a chance in hell and we are "finished."

Me - I'm not gonna lie - I'm a little nervous, but wouldn't be shocked if Byron goes out and has a career game. He seems really grounded but has a sense of pride to him. If we win this game without him - watch out - we all might see a "Re-re-engergized Steeler team" that is holding down the fort until #7 returns.
Much like... I don't know... the 2010 team, when they did not have BB for the first four games. That team sacked up, and went 3-1, and was one play away from going 4-0. I foresee a similar type of "cohesion" happening... which will only make the team that much stronger.

I foresee The Colon & Pouncey taking the offense on their backs, and plowing holes. I foresee the defense gelling. I foresee (at most) 2 losses... and a play-off birth.


I was thinking about something similar this morning, about how if the Steelers can just win 3-4 more games & make the play-offs (even if they do not win the division, which I still think that they will do)... they will be getting back five awesome players for the play-offs: BB, AB, Droppy Mendenspin, DD, and Troy.

If they get in... WAIT... When they get in, and then they add those five Pro-Bowl-level players, watch out!!! No one will want to play them. My optimism is high.
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