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Default Re: We will beat the Ravens onSNF

Originally Posted by Ravens1 View Post
All very true. Truth is the Ravens and the Steelers are teams in transition. Senior talent showing cracks and rookies/juniors not quite up to speed. There is a reason the NFL gives last place teams 1st pick. They TRY to even the playing field to offer a competative season. But one Trent Richardson does not a season make. We are cursed with inconsistency. I cringe watching the Ravens play sometimes. I cringed watching the Chiefs throw the game away to you. I admire the Steelers past consistency.. As someone wrote, on any Sunday right? I only hope for outcomes.Trash talk is just that. I would never bet on the outcome of a football came. Stock picking is an easier game and that's saying something. Let the chips fall where they may. But there is nothing like laying out an arch rival in front of a home town crowd, first string qb or not. Here's hoping.
23-21 Ravens last second FG kick from Tuck.
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