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Default Re: Ravens "D" can't stop Taiwan Jones

I wasn't going to do it. I was going to let you enjoy your little spotlight of how good the Ravens have been in the playoffs and do your little happy dance, but I'll bite.

Originally Posted by Ravnet View Post
The Ravens have either been in the conference semifinals or conference finals every year since 2008, winning at least one playoff game in each try. During that same time span, Pittsburgh has only advanced as far (albeit further) twice, a full 50% less than Baltimore.
I'm going to take the Super Bowl win over your playoff wins and ultimately defeats. Your argument here ends. Great, you made the playoffs and beat Miami and Tennessee, but ultimately lost. Key word: lost.

Originally Posted by Ravnet View Post
I suppose that you're right in that Baltimore has "choked," if you take that phrase to mean losing to elite opponents, but I would give a team like Baltimore more credit for losing to the best than being Pittsburgh and sitting at home or losing to Tim Tebow (as the Steelers did in 2009 and 2011, respectively).
A Tim Tebow loss shot - I didn't expect any better. Again, we lost a playoff game to an inferior opponent and there's no getting around it. See, we don't make excuses. We recognize we lost and we moved on already and it's a little sad that Ravens fans have to keep bringing it up. Why? You can't beat us in the playoffs. So, you bring up another teams victory and use it like it's your own. Stop it, you look ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Ravnet View Post
The Ravens have won as many playoff games as Pittsburgh since Harbaugh came on, and received four playoff berths to Pittsburgh's three. For kicks, the Ravens have five playoff berths to Pittsburgh's four if you want to go pre-Harbaugh but after Pittsburgh's 2005 SB run. This seems to indicate that post-2005, and certainly during the Harbaugh era, the Ravens have been more successful at reaching the playoffs.
With one (in reality, it's two) less ring(s). Take your playoff wins and again, losses, and we'll take our championships. Oh, and of course throw out one of our Super Bowl wins - it only makes you and your argument look ridiculous. You're reaching, and it comes off as desperate.

Originally Posted by Ravnet View Post
On the other hand, you can certainly make a strong case for Pittsburgh being more successful than Baltimore when actually in the playoffs, but considering that the Steelers have enjoyed a prolific decade, this isn't to say that the Ravens haven't been successful in their own right, thus refuting your claim of them only winning in the regular season.
Successful in their own right? Do you know what they call almost winning an AFC Championship game and getting to a Super Bowl? Losing.

Originally Posted by Ravnet View Post
I'd argue that he has beaten just as many quality opponents as Pittsburgh has during the same time period, despite Pittsburgh appearing vastly superior because of its advancement to two Super Bowls.
I cut out the last couple of paragraphs because it was ranting about things I don't really care about. This is the part that made me laugh out loud when I read it.

Appearing vastly superior? Appearing? No. A team IS vastly superior when they reach the big game twice (defeating the Ratbirds twice in the process) compared to the Ravens' 0. Zero, as in it didn't happen. Zero, as in the amount of times the Ravens' have defeated the Steelers in the playoffs. Take your "quality opponent" victories, and we'll take our victories over you in the playoffs every. single. time. and our Championship rings.

Zero, as in the amount of rings John Harbaugh has.

I don't think I understand your argument. You're defending losing in the playoffs because you've been there more times? That's great, you made the playoffs and did absolutely nothing while in it. You didn't win, you didn't accomplish anything. It's a pretty weak argument to use. Congratulations, you have a coach that will take you the post-season and lose, which brings me back to my original point:

He can't win when it matters.

Oh I didn't even see this little gem until after I posted.

Originally Posted by Ravnet View Post
Flacco has more playoff berths than Ben in his first four years (4 vs. 3), and Harbaugh has more playoff berths than Tomlin in his first four years (4 vs. 3).
With two less AFC Titles and Championships. And in the case of Roethlisberger, TWO less rings.
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