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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
its a shame the nfl wont schedule the steelers to play manning, brady, brees, and rodgers 2X/year so the steelers could try to justify their annual ranking of the #1 defense, to the hypercritical fans.

the league should also change how it ranks the #1 offenses and defenses, because the hypercritical fans just cant buy into the steelers #1 ranking.

it is what it is (and has been) and the league isnt changing it for nobody

also i dont buy into all the garbage rhetoric that we have only faced 1 good (or "great" ) qb this season.

at one point, palmer, hasselbeck and vick were all considered some of the top qb's in the game, and believe it or not, they are still allowed to play decent no matter what defense they face.

everybody wants to poo-poo on RGIII and eli, but RG led the league in comp % until he faced us and eli was the leagues passing yardage leader being talked about as a HOF shoo-in until he faced us.

matt cassell was amongst the league leaders and in the league MVP discussion just 3 years ago.

sure these guys may not be currently "great" but they arent the slapdick scrubs everyone is making them out to be. put any of them on a good team, and things would turn around.

make no mistake, the cheifs arent as horrible as their record would suggest. they do got some pretty damn good players. they just dont have a HC.

mark sanchez is about the only bad-horrible qb we have faced this year. all the others are capable of leading teams to wins on any given sunday, even if their careers are winding down (or just beginning).
Relax're taking this too personally. I'm not being "hypercritical" at all - just looking at the defense with some reservation. They have played well, but for the most part is the same defense as last year with a few changes - Farrior, Polamalu, etc. Last year's defense was not as good as it's defensive ranking, largely due to a soft QB schedule. To this point, I see no major improvements over last year, except for the improved play from Timmons & Lewis.

So, that being said, I'll let the upcoming games prove or disprove the #1 ranking they currently hold. Trust me, I hope they prove to be #1 all the way through the Super Bowl!!
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