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Default Re: Byron Leftwich will start

Originally Posted by ChristianKustomz View Post
Blah blah blah to another Ravens supporter. How about least our QB can actually win a SuperBowl. At least our QB doesn't wine when he gets hurt. At least our QB has more trophies and MVP's then Flacco ever will. Yes Flacco is ok but he's no Ben. He's a wannabe Ben. Just a shadow playing for a team the always chokes when the game is on the line. Ravens are a second rate team. We have 6 SB rings and hold the most NFL records then any NFL team in the entire history of the NFL. Most rings, most playoff championships etc. Flacco is just a shadow of the actual talent needed to be a winner.

Go back to the Ravens forum.

Once we have been around for 80 years we can compare rings. Until then comparing a team that has been around since 33 to a team formed in '96 is asinine. Stop leaning on 40 year old rings and let's talk about this season. We are healthier and more talented, and you are going to lose on Sunday.
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