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Default Re: Byron Leftwich will start

one question - are you on a Steelers forum? Thought so.

I think what we have to say means quite a bit to you - otherwise, why would you be on here? If you come here to argue a 7-2 record as being a huge achievement - what else do you expect?

Coming on here blasting out "We're 7-2, we're healthier, derp de derp" is equally if not more foolish than someone comparing the legacy of a football team. Matter of fact - a lot of you Ravens fans like to throw out Johnny Unitas and the Baltimore Colts as part of your Ravens history. So, don't go throwing around that "built in 96" crap.

If you would just admit that you're on here because your fan base is envious - we can move on. If not, I think you really need to spend your time on a Ravens forum, where you can obsess over the many uses of Mardi Gras beads.

These are your fans. Looks like a football town to me. NOT

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meaning "severe personnel problems".
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