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Default Re: Steelers release NT Alameda Ta'amu

Originally Posted by kent View Post
Just makes me sad/angry hearing all these stories about professional athletes doing such dumb things. They have the world by the balls and piss it away.
What is more infuriating, is when the league or the teams do not take action to correct or dump these retards.

A good example? How the hell is Pacman Jones still playing in the NFL?

Dude went to da strip club with his fellow brain-surgeon, Nelly. Nelly, in typical narcissitic hip-hop artist fashion, makes it rain in the club. Pacman, wanting to join in the retard festivities, throws some of his own money into the air.

When the dancers inevitably start picking up the floating bills, Pacman Jones proceeds to start grabing the dancers by the hair and slamming their heads off the floor for the "ho's touching my loot".

The club security of course moves into action to kick his dumb azz out, to which he responds by telling his bodyguards to "Smoke dis fool". They in turn open fire into a crowd of patrons and security guards.

One guy is paralyzed from the waist down for life. They just won an $11 million settlement off of him. Right now, he is playing football to pay the huge debt as a result of his moronic escapade, but he is STILL IN THE NFL.

Now we have a guy on our team who went on a drinken rampage in a 2 ton SUV and would have been shot dead had it not been in crowded downtown. He has no place on this team or in the NFL. Some mistakes you can atone for-- others demonstrate such a fatally flawed mind that you cannot ever take them back.
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