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Default Re: American Horror Story - season 2

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
I don't think there is more than one Bloody Face (unless the original has an apprentice or something like that). The scene in episode 4 with all the Bloody Faces chasing the couple ended up being some sick ass pranksters or something, then the real Bloody Face showed up and killed the fakes.

I think Frank is supposed to be Frank. I think the husband is full of shit (notice the creepy alien music playing during all his flashback scenes). I'm not exactly sure where that's going to go...but it's definitely not done yet.

My best guess though is Nazi aliens possessed by the devil.
I just read what I said over and realized I worded it really poorly, haha. Do you remember a few episodes back when Adam Levine's girlfriend stabbed the shit out of Bloody Face? They ultimately got shot by the two guys that took the prank "way too far" as one of them put, but they saw 'another'(?) Bloody Face coming from the opposite way where he was stabbed. This is where I was confused, why was there two or if there's one, how is it that he can't die?

Also, I didn't even realize the background music in the flashbacks - good call on that one.

This season is more confusing than the last one forsure. I feel like I'm lost most of the time, haha.
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