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Default Re: American Horror Story - season 2

Maybe the Bloody Face in the present is a copycat. I don't know. But they did say in the first episode that nobody ever gets out of Briarcliff or something like that.

Shelly's appearance to the kids and the teacher on the grade school playground was all kinds of awesome, although I did feel badly for her. Trick or Treat, kiddies.

I don't think Charlotte was actually Anne Frank. She was suffering from post-partum psychosis and through her research/photos kept getting deeper and deeper into the delusion that she was really a part of the Holocaust. It was through her research and photos that she recognized Dr. Arden so he had no choice but to give her a lobotomy so she would forget his Nazi connection. Her portrayal of a Stepford Wife is creepy. Or maybe she really is Anne Frank and was suffering from PTSD.

I'm really not into the aliens story they are telling but I do wonder what the aliens are doing to the fetuses of both Alma (she's alive?!) and Grace. Did Kit impregnate both Alma and Grace or did the aliens? I'm guessing it was Kit and that's why Sister Jude called his and Grace's baby a "murder baby." Did the aliens take Grace's baby?

Kit sure is a dumbass. I knew as soon as Dr. Thredson said he was going to record Kit that he was going to turn the tape over to the police. What does Dr. Thredson/Bloody Face/Buffalo Bill have in store for Lana Banana? He wants her to tell his story, but is holding her captive in his basement. Does anyone out there have a lamp shade made out of human skin and nipples? Anyone want a mint? Just help yourself to some from the bowl made out of the top a human skull. Wow.

I'm Team Sister Jude. Jessica Lange is doing an excellent job in her role, and I could't help but sympathize with her when she told her story about the squirrel. When and how will Sister Jude see Dr. Arden without his shirt on? Why did they keep showing the fireplace while she was talking to Dr. Arden? Why so many close-ups of Arden's cane?

So many questions.
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