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Default Re: Steelers release NT Alameda Ta'amu

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Productive members of society don't go on drunken rampages through downtown like they are in the latest Bond movie, nearly running people over and resisting arrest. Thugs and lowlifes do.

That is not arrogance-- that is reality.

You don't seem to understand. He didn't just make some forgiveable, youthful mistake. What he did puts a LOT more on the table than just garden variety alcoholism. Multiple felonies and evading arrrest?

You have no problem cheering for THAT, as long as he makes a few sacks for us?
No offense, but it'd be nice if you could step off of your pedestal during this conversation. Do you judge bands based on the morality of the band members? Do you even know what a "thug" is? You can't isolate one, or even two instances and define a person by them. By all other reports, Ta'amu is a laid-back, soft spoken, friendly, family oriented person, and that is why the team and the organization has effectively stood by him.

Besides, athletes are not paid to be role models.
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