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Default Re: Steelers release NT Alameda Ta'amu

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Well, now that I know where you stand on this-- you should never brag about how classy the Steelers are.
I rarely brag about anything. I am a realist who can differentiate between sports and life, where many here seemingly cannot.

I am not a hypocrit that chastizes unproven rookies for their indiscretions and in the next breath defends $100million franchise players for theirs.

I advocated drafting Ben Roethlisberger when many here wanted Philip Rivers. I purchased my son a #7 jersey before Ben ever took a snap as a Steeler and think he is a great QB. I can separate that he is not somebody that I would put up as a role model and I think he has made some bad moral decisions in life.

I think if the vast majority of Steeler fans can still hold Ben up as saintly, then they can and should tolerate giving Ta'amu another shot. If not, then they are as hypocritical as the NFL establishment that extended the careers of players like Stallworth, Peter, Little, Philips, etc.
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