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Default Re: Steelers release NT Alameda Ta'amu

it seems like some peoples self identity as a fan and wholesomeness as a person is too wrapped up in the steelers employing choirboys. its as if they brag every day to their brown, bungle and revenfans for rooting for a team w/o thugs, therefore that makes them better.

anyways the patriots had their annual player (rb) suspended for performance enhancing drugs again just last week.

can anyone tell me the last time a steeler was suspended for using 'roids?

sure wes saunders got busted recreationally using some amphetemines (adderol) while partying it up in las vegas, which wasnt exactly cheating, but has been kicked to the curb. he was more productive, and getting more snaps than alameda.

point being, the steelers reserve the right to employ anyone they wish regardless of the moral highground their fans preach from.

feels like people are trying to give the sermon on the mount up in here.
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