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Default Re: David Petraeus resigns from CIA

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post

i noticed. but who the fuck cares? its only right wing jagoffs who were vigorously rubbing their little chubbies over the "incident".

them fucking iranian ragheads couldnt shoot down one of our drones if they tried, or unless we wanted them to. piss on them... we'll bury them cockroaches.


we flew our F-117's through thousands of anti-aircraft artillery shells in iraq and laughed at them. they lucked out and got one, and that was by pure "shot in the dark" luck.

and so what if iran had a pea shooter strong enough to reach the elevation the drones fly at? (maybe they should see if ollie north can hook them up with something a bit stronger.)

you all know how much one of those costs? its plywood and a snowmobile engine, with some high tec camera equipment and maybe a bomb, flown by 1st class airmen and staff sargeant gaming geeks in california, new mexico, etc who pass a 6 month course.

they fly over my office all damn day and are pretty annoying when im trying to take a nap. BZZZZZZZZZZ.....

the public doesnt know half the shit that goes on and unless theyre directly involved military, probably shouldnt (atleast immediately anyways). lets not act like this was the bay of pigs, or something.

the last thing this country needs is 50,000,000 armchair generals second guessing and pretending they know best as if its a freaking football game.

in other news the north koreans fired across the demilitarized zone at our men.
Why not? We have one in the White House that does it everyday.

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