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Default Re: The official Acceptance post, my new sig takes the lead.

My uncle is a Marshall alum. And, I've watched Byron a ton of times (side-note: Randy Moss in person is like watching an angel rope a unicorn: unbelievable).

The year that he was drafted, I was just praying that Byron didn't end up in BALT. Whew!!! It was close.

Then, when he signed with the Steelers, I was pleased. (Note: I've always felt that BB was the better QB, and preferred BB over Byron as a Steeler... but don't tell my uncle.)

My fandom aside, the dude never changed his mechanics, and thus, he never made it as a starter. His wind-up allowed DBs to break on the ball, and more importantly, he could never throw the short routes: he threw 90 mph fastballs to WRs who were five yards away.

But, when he throws a good ball, it can be a helluva pretty sight. That pass to Sanders is Byron at his (second) best. His "first" best is on the deep ball, which we haven't yet seen. He has an amaaazing deep ball. I foresee Wallace really liking Byron.
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