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Default Re: The official Acceptance post, my new sig takes the lead.

i am with you. always been a byron fan. we coulda been stuck with d. culpepper and we've all seen how well that worked for the dolphins passing on drew brees (who ironically is breaking dan marino and johnny unitas records).

im just not so sure byron can last 3 quarters, let alone 3 games. we just havent seen it yet. but i sure as hell aint tossing in my terrible towel yet. i hope for byron to have the season he has always dreamed of and worked for. his loyalty to this team and his position has been shown, just like the venerable charlie batch before him.

call them shitty players all you want, they are proven great people who the team will rally behind (unlike tebow pulling all the judas knives out of his back up in NJ).

for what its worth, watching byron break his humerus is one of the worst sports injuries i have seen and i commend him for coming back.
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