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Completely owned. I admit it. Except for overall record, division record, the fact that we have a starting QB, a running back with 2 legs, safeties that can go up an elevator without taking a trip to the hospital (bet you would have liked to have clark when tebow smoked your ass last year), a home field that isn't just dirt painted green, the best home field advantage in football, and the longest active undefeated home game winning streak in the NFL.

You guys got a couple rings, 40 years ago. Wow, knock me over with a feather.

Since the Ravens were formed you are up 2 to 1 on us, and we are going to rectify that this year, starting next week when we put the division out of reach.
There is no way you guys win a super bowl this year. Last year was your best chance and you blew it.
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