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Default Re: Are We Ready For Baltimore

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
actually I spend time and have family in both MD and in Pittsburgh. do we really need to argue city v. city again?

Baltimore - not enough of a community - or space to breathe IMO, - in almost a decade down here - I don't get the same feeling - probably because most people seem to be from somewhere else (I have plenty of Ravens fans as friends so you can't say it's because I'm a Steelers fan - there are a few others that live near by - some more annoying than others on both sides). You guys have boating, and Edgar Allen Poe - so I'll give you that.

Pittsburgh - I'll admit - some western pa folks need some dentures - as do drug addicts, which all cities have plenty of - I come from a small town where everyone knows everyone and is neighborly and in general seems to enjoy life a little more. A lot of Baltimorons have an edge to them - and maybe those that grew up here are a little peeved because people are coming from all over the place to squat. Pittsburgh is more of a midwest kind of city (think St. Louis) and is indeed more rural than greater Baltimore as a whole (think Green Bay). It isn't as dirty as you Ravens fans like to make it out to be - but I get why you would pick stuff out like that as a representation -and, stereotypes exist for a reason, right?
Well, stereotypes usually come from a grain of truth. We have a steel mill (at least one, it may be a couple centralized in one area) and the surrounding area--Sparrow's Point--is an absolute dump. We extrapolate that to a town built completely on the steel industry, and there you have it.

Baltimore has a lot more to offer than boating and poe. Crabs, great breweries, beautiful sporting stadiums, Fell's point, the inner harbor, national aquarium, largest drive-in theatre still in operation, and a quirky culture with absolutely no sense of style. Just don't go there after dark lol.
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