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Default Re: Fun Things to Do to Out of Towners

Originally Posted by blackvelvet
Plus, the whole point is to mess with out of towners that have never been to Pittsburgh. What's the fun in messing with them if they know what you're doing?

And I agree with that Bill Johnson guy, the "butt-ugly" guy, that Pittsburgh has some of the nicest people. I think we're a heck of a lot nicer than the people in some cities that i've been to. But might I just say, that part of the reason people think that is because they don't actually know what we actually mean.

The first time we were in da burgh, we needed directions, etc a postman gave them to us, super nice guy but we had no clue what the heck he was talking about. He took the direction conversation into his follow me route. We were driving a rental from the airport and he was walking and naturally stopping constantly (delivering mail) and we had to keep going because we were going to get run over, we found our way around that way so you may be onto something. Keep trying to screw ppl up and they will find their own way.
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