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Default Re: Hostess Goes Out of Business

So I wonder if the unions will accept any (not all, mind you) accountability for a company going out of business and their members now being out of jobs.

I think unions still have their place in some industries, and I even have some friends who are members of unions... but I still feel that they are a general drain on the economy by artificially inflating prices due to their demands on salaries, pensions, and healthcare Forcing companies and even customers to bend their way via strikes or sheer intimidation just doesn't make sense to me, unless it's a gross negligence on the employer's part.

I had a neighbor once that was in a union. He talked about how his union didn't get a contract with a local bank. He continued to tell me how they organized a picket line and totally disrupted business, didn't allow cusotmers to get to the bank, etc. Eventually, they got the contract. The sad part is that he seemed to be beaming with this aura of pride and accomplishment. I felt sorry for him that one, that's how they acquired work, and two, that you could be proud of yourself for being a menace like that.

I guess I just don't get it.
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