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Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
What claims?? Watch the video link and you see Foote over run the play. He doesnt keep his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage and instead gives Chiefs Center Ryan Lilja his back to push him completely out of the play.

Play some ILB. Coach some ILB, or just watch some ex coaches or players describe how you play ILB on the NFL Network, but please try and learn how the position is to be played before you start praising Foote as the best ILB we have.

You will see that Larry Foote is playing some lackluster and sloppy Inside Linebacker.
First he plugs the hole and you say he should have gone outside, then he goes outside and you say he should have plugged the hole. Coaching your college sorority sister power puff team doesn't count. I said the guy has become a leader and is one , ONE key, not the only key, not the best guy ever, just one key to the Steeler D. And he is. Plus, the people in here who act like achieving absolute perfection in the NFL year after year is possible. Wake up. This team is 6-3...there are a whole pile of teams worse. They will be in the play-offs, even if Ben doesn't make it back soon. They might even make a run at the title. It doesn't take Mr. Forum Experts Perfect Coaching and Team to win a Super Bowl in the NFL.

You did argue both ways and you were wrong. The man is playing pretty decent football and has provided a spark for this team.
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