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Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
Foote isn't supposed to fill gaps? He's an inside linebacker, of COURSE he's supposed to fill gaps! That's common knowledge in the game of football. The inside guys fill gaps and outside guys and safeties prevent runs from breaking outside for a big gainer. Sure, Foote misses possible tackles and takes bad angles on occasion, but he's doing his job AND some. Getting sacks, picks and forcing fumbles. He leads the team in tackles for good measure and he's 32 years old. He may be past his prime, but he's doing pretty damn good.
You guys say that Foote filled a gap in that play. You are dillusional if you think that is what he did. He took the wrong angle and let the play get outside by him.

If anybody still has the game on their DVR, go back and watch it again. The first 2 series you will see Foote just get manhandled by Jon Asomuoa, Ryan Lilja and the rest of KC offense. I'll watch the rest, but all is see is #50 being out of positon and getting pushed around.

Have a look at this TD by the Chiefs and how great #50 is on it. He doesnt even see the RB. I guess he is too busy "filling a gap" away from the play.
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