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Default Re: Steelers release NT Alameda Ta'amu

Originally Posted by Hawaii 5-0 View Post
Alameda Ta’amu Faces Litany Of Charges, Was Almost Shot By Cops During Drunkest Night Ever

by Dan Fogarty

Here’s a quick summary of Ta’amu’s Saturday night, based on court documents and a local news report.

1. He got very, very drunk.
2. He hopped in his car.
3. He took a shortcut.
4. He almost ran over a cop.
5. He was almost shot.
6. He hit a bunch of parked cars.
7. He wrecked his own car.
LOL, very impressive night. If it's not an inside job, that is. I heard Mendenhall is now following Ta'amu on Twitter to get the other side of the story. Could have been George Bush, the one world government and the international Zionists that set the whole thing up. And the Build-A-Burgers, hahahha.

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