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Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
I wasn't referring to any "one" play. No linebacker is perfect, certainly not a 32 year old career backup, but he IS leading the defense right now in tackles, with fumbles, sacks and a pick to spare. An inside linebakers job is to fill the running lanes in the middle, and to blitz or drop back on passing plays. Looks to me like Lamarr Woodley was getting manhandled on a lot of these plays i'm seeing, too.
I watched the entire KC game again on the DVR....watching Foote especially and he made 2 plays the whole game:

-he tackled Cassell for a 7 yard gain on a QB scramble
-Foote tackled Tony Moeaki (tagged him when he fell down) after a 1st down reception

Other than that Foote was physically outmatched by the KC O linemen and TE's in the run game. He ran around the play, took poor angles and avoided any type of blockprotection with a forearm shiver to try and stuff interior run plays.

Its not just 1 play, but the entire game that he really didnt do much of anything to stop the KC offense. Congrats, we have a mediocre ILB that Jon Gruden pimped in the pre game and a number of fans think he is great. The tape doesnt the game again.
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