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Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
I watched the entire KC game again on the DVR....watching Foote especially and he made 2 plays the whole game:

-he tackled Cassell for a 7 yard gain on a QB scramble
-Foote tackled Tony Moeaki (tagged him when he fell down) after a 1st down reception

Other than that Foote was physically outmatched by the KC O linemen and TE's in the run game. He ran around the play, took poor angles and avoided any type of blockprotection with a forearm shiver to try and stuff interior run plays.

Its not just 1 play, but the entire game that he really didnt do much of anything to stop the KC offense. Congrats, we have a mediocre ILB that Jon Gruden pimped in the pre game and a number of fans think he is great. The tape doesnt the game again.
I have no idea what Jon Gruden said....what I do know is that the two examples you have were wrong on both, so I can safely assume your analysis of the rest of the game is wrong.
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