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Default Re: We will beat the Ravens onSNF

The Ravens' offense is rubbish on the road. Leftwich is semi-rubbish. The game will be low-scoring and close. I'll say 13-10 or 16-13. No clue who wins. I also will say there is a greater chance that you guys blow us out than the reverse, though the chances of either are slim.

Your crowd, defense, and the rest of your team embracing the rare underdog status could lead to a blowout win for you guys. It would be entirely a result of your defense annihilating our offense, forcing many turnovers that lead to many points. But I think the odds are slim.

As for a Ravens blowout, it will only be possible if Leftwich/Haley are stupid. If they play conservatively, run it a lot, and don't turn it over multiple times, then the Steelers cannot be blown out.

I hope the Ravens team is not looking at this game the same way that a lot of Ravens' fans are looking at this game because it would be a huge mistake. (And I think the team isn't as stupid as most of the fans, so I am sure they are taking this game very seriously indeed)
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