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Default Re: We will beat the Ravens onSNF

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
i wouldn't say their O is rubbish, they have some fast wr's and as much as we like to dog on flacco, he's pretty good with the long ball. ray rice is always a threat.

but most likely a low scoring game, i think the game plan will be a little more conservative with ben out. backup qb's are usually asked to just not give the game away
The Ravens offense is pretty bad on the road. It really shows up when you look at the number of 3-and-outs we have on the road (vs. at home). It is one thing to drive and settle for FGs vs TDs, or even drive to midfield and be forced to punt, but another entirely when you repeatedly go 3-and-out and allow the other team to start with great field position. At Cleveland and at K.C we lose easily if our defense doesn't have good games (and that includes letting KC run all over us, our defense held when it counted).

Ignoring kneel-downs or drives that end in under 3 plays due to end of half or end of game (and ignoring kick-off return TDs as "drives"):

Ravens have gone 3-and-out 21 times out of 47 drives in 4 road games, or a staggering 44.6% of the time. These are games against: Houston (very good 8-1), Philly (not good 3-6), Cleveland (not good 2-7), KC (poor 1-8).

Ravens have gone 3-and-out 11 times out of 50 drives in 5 home games (and 2 of those 11 were the last 2 drives against Oakland, up by 5 TDs, with Tyrod Taylor at QB, running 5/6 plays), or 22% of the time.

I would not be surprised to see the Ravens fail to get a first down for over 20 minutes of game time. They have done this twice in 4 road games, and against Philly had a stretch of 20+ minutes where they got a single first down then punted or we would be talking three 20+ minute stretches of no first downs.

And this kind of stuff happened last year at times as well (at Jacksonville, Seattle, Tennessee, and San Diego), so it isn't anomalous, it is something systematic.
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